Geneva, Switzerland,

2013 Geneva Motor Show: Geneva Motor Show design studies

Auris Touring Sports 'Black' 

With its class-leading functionality and its segment-unique hybrid powertrain, the Auris Touring Sports represents a powerful new offer in the competitive mid-sized wagon segment.

The Auris Touring Sports' bold, dynamic exterior design clearly expresses the dynamic abilities of the new Auris, and the driving pleasure it provides to its driver. And, with a superior load-space capacity ranging from 530 litres to 1,658 litres, and CO2 emissions from only 85 g/km, the new Auris Touring

Sports is also a new reference in terms of functionality and cost of ownership.

The Auris Touring Sports 'Black' design study further illustrates how a wagon body-style can be so much more than just a functional car - by enhancing its already appealing and dynamic design.

The exterior design is highlighted by a Night Sky Black metallic paint finish enhanced by red 19" alloy wheels, red inserts on the front and rear bumpers and a distinctive red trim on the front grille. The 'Sports' aspect is underlined by double chrome exhaust pipes and dark tinted rear LED lights, whilst a premium quality feeling is evident through piano black roof rails and privacy glass.

The black and red colour scheme is carried through to the interior. Black leather and double red stitching is used to enhance the steering wheel, the door panels, the dashboard, the sports seats, the gear shift lever and the handbrake. Red is also the feature colour for the illumination of the instrument panel and the finishing of the air vents and the cup holders. High quality carpeting and exclusive sports leather seats help to deliver a premium feeling.

Main specs


Night Sky Black metallic exterior colour

19" red alloy wheels

V-shaped red trim on front grille


Red inserts on front & rear bumpers

Piano black roof rails

Privacy glass

Double chrome exhaust pipe

Dark tinted rear LED lights


Black leather steering wheel with red stitching

Black leather door panels and dashboard inserts with double red stitching

Exclusive black leather sport seats with double red stitching and perforated seat facings finished with red Alcantara®

Black leather gear shift & handbrake with double red stitching

Red illumination

Red finishing on air vents & cup holders

Pillars and roof in Alcantara®

High-quality carpeting throughout


RAV4 'Premium' and RAV4 'Adventure'

Since its pioneering launch back in 1994, the RAV4's skills and attributes have been appreciated by an ever-increasing group of customers over the last 19 years. Whether driving in the city, or in the countryside whether off-road or on motorway, the RAV4's multifaceted personality has earned it unrivalled popularity in more than 150 countries around the world.

Thanks to this unique legacy, the 4th generation RAV4 was designed to reinforce its off- and on-road capability and build upon its original reputation of a capable, comfortable and enjoyable family car for everyday use.

At the 2013 Geneva Motorshow, this double, but complementary, personality is further illustrated by two design studies that demonstrate the maturity of the new RAV4 in its key role as an everyday multi-purpose vehicle.


RAV4 'Premium' Design Study

The RAV4 'Premium' design study highlights the sophistication of the new RAV4, enhancing its original design with refined ornaments and enhanced finishings. Specifically developed, and extended to the bumpers as well as the body, the "Deep Bronze" colour evokes prestige and refinement, and brings an increased sense of harmony to the whole car's design concept. The front face is distinguished by a horizontally-lined middle grille featuring air intakes and enhanced by LED lights underlined by a stylish chromed spoiler. At the rear, the redesigned bumper adopts a chrome insert, brushed aluminium skid plates and an integrated exhaust pipe design. The 20" alloy wheels are neatly matched to the stylish aluminium roof rails.

Developed by Toyota's 'Kansei'* design department, the luxurious leather upholstery enhances the seat's design and highlights its comfort areas. The combination of new black piping and a refined 'V-outline' reinforce the design of the original seat. Two-tone double stitching is used in several areas to provide a balance between robustness and premium style. The urban grey and black colours of the leather are extended to the instrument and door panels to enhance the premium character of the cabin overall.

* The 'Kansei' design department, based within Toyota's Brussels-based RandD organisation, is responsible for concept development & product identity - in close collaboration with the product planning teams. Its main mission is to create an emotional user experience by enhancing the product to better meet or exceed customer expectations. 


RAV4 'Adventure' Design Study

The RAV4 'Adventure' design study accentuates an alternate dimension with a more forceful look to reinforce the RAV4's authentic off-road capabilities.

In this case, the bold Dark Red paint underlines the athletic and strong appearance of the new RAV4. Building upon the new RAV4's muscular proportions (wider and lower than the 3rd generation), the stance of the RAV4 'Adventure' is reinforced by extended wheel arches, designed to accommodate more aggressive 20" alloy wheels.

The front and rear bumpers have been redesigned and finished with matt paint. At the front, the bumper has been redesigned to integrate with a new under-run. And at the rear the bumper has been modified to fully integrate a double exhaust pipe and revised skid plate.

Machined roof rails complete the 'Adventure' look, whilst darker privacy glass adds a sense of mystery to the interior.


RAV4 'Premium'


Horizontal lined middle grille

LED lights underlined with chromed spoiler

Bumpers tuned with the body colour

Redesigned 20" alloy wheels combined with aluminium roof rails

Redesigned rear bumper with chrome insert, brushed aluminium skid plate and integrated exhaust

Tinted privacy glass


Instrument and door panels matching the interior design.

Leather upholestry, developed by Kansei, in Urban Grey and Black colours

Black piping and refined V-outline

Two-tone double stitching


Deep Bronze

RAV4 'Adventure' 


Front bumper and underguard matching matt painted bumpers

Specific side step

Enhanced wheel arches combined with 20" alloy wheels

Machined roof rails

Rear bumper with integrated double exhaust and skid plate

Enhanced LED front and rear lights

Tinted glass


Dark Red