Geneva, Switzerland,

2013 Geneva Motor Show: Speech


Good afternoon everyone and a warm welcome to Toyota.

As we have just seen Toyota is defined by 'Better'.

Because we believe there is 'Always a Better Way' to create even better cars.

Take the TOYOTA i-ROAD for example.

This is a concept which is fun to experience it will definitely put a smile on the face of everyone that drives it.

It's compact and agile, able to easily move through congested areas.

You may think you have seen this kind of product before.

But at only 850mm wide and with an innovative leaning system i-ROAD is able to drive in places where other so-called 'small' products cannot go.

And, of course, it's much easier to park than competitor products as it fits in motorcycle-sized spaces.

i-ROAD is also a very serious proposition.

Safe and easy to drive with zero emissions, we believe i-ROAD has great potential as a personal mobility solution for urban journeys.

For example, customers could use i-ROAD as the main solution to complete the first or last kilometres of their journey, to connect efficiently with public transportation or other longer-distance mobility solutions. And it's this type of mobility concept that we have just announced we're going to trial in the city of Grenoble over the next three years.

i-ROAD offers a good solution for commuting in urban areas, but in-line with our mobility roadmap, we recognise that customers also have other needs to be addressed with a sustainable approach.

That's why we continue to lead in low-emissions technology right across the market.

Hybrid Synergy Drive technology remains at the heart of this approach and the world is coming to Toyota and hybrid systems more-and-more.

In fact, this month we will have sold more than 5 million full hybrid products worldwide.

And as before the rate of sale is continuing to accelerate.

Here in Europe we sold 110,000 full hybrid products last year up from 85,000 in 2011 - an increase of 30%.

Hybrid products now represent more than 13% of our European sales, with some markets already above 20%.

We can really say that today, with this technology, we have reached the "tipping point"

And, as you know, our hybrid technology can be used regardless of fuel type.

To illustrate that point. I can confirm that at least one of the 21 new full hybrid products we will launch by 2015 will be equipped with a fuel-cell.

Hybrid Synergy Drive is also a very versatile technology as we have demonstrated during last year's World Endurance Championship.

The race in Fuji was significant, not just because Toyota again took the top spot on the podium but also because it was the first time that hybrid cars finished in positions 1, 2 and 3.

Our main competitors have now also recognised the benefits of hybrid technology.

They have abandoned their diesel-only powertrains and followed us into exclusive hybrid use.

2013 will be a great year in WEC - perhaps one of the most exciting ever and certainly one of the most efficient.

Back in 2010, when I took the leadership of Toyota in Europe, I presented a 3 year Turnaround plan.

Step 1 in 2010: was to stop the downward spiral in terms of sales and profits.

Step 2 in 2011: was to generate a positive cashflow and starting again to grow.

These two steps were both achieved despite the very challenging market conditions.

For 2012, the 3rd Step: I committed to keep growing sales and to deliver profits for Toyota in Europe.

And to do it despite the continuing uncertainty in the market.

And again we will do it.

In the first 9 months of this fiscal year, turnover increased by 2.1%, however through our strong actions profitability increased by 149%

This great result is thanks to the increasing strength of our products and also to the dedication of our Retailers and our Team Members across Europe to create a more efficient business.

In 2013 the market will most likely decrease further but we will continue to grow in a sustainable way.

This year we will sell around 850,000 units.

Within that figure we expect to deliver 150,000 full hybrid products, raising the sales mix to 18% of our total - a 35% increase compared to 2012.

Now let me introduce Toyota Motor Europe's Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing, Karl Schlicht, to tell you about our exciting new products.


Thank you Didier...

As Didier suggested, Toyota in 2013 will be boosted by many new models.

The key focus is the rejuvenation of our products in Europe's largest vehicle segment - the C-Segment.

Last month, we launched the all new Toyota Auris.

We like to think of it as 'THE' alternative in the C-segment - especially with our advanced Hybrid system.

Continuous refinement of this technology means that today we can announce a new environmental benchmark.

From June this year, customers will be able to buy an Auris Hybrid that emits just 84g.

Customer interest in the new Auris has exceeded our expectations and we've already received orders covering half of our annual hybrid volume in just 2 months!

That's why we're excited to take the next step.

In Paris we previewed the new Toyota Auris Touring Sports but today we're ready to reveal the headlines.

85 grams CO2 for the hybrid version and up to 1658 litres of luggage space.

And as you can see, this class-leading efficiency and superior capacity have been wrapped in a great design.

We believe that Auris Touring Sports is now the 'reference' in the segment it defines how a car in this segment should look, how much it should carry and how efficient it should be.

Our presence in the market will be further boosted by a critically important model.

It was the original pioneer in the crossover segment a car that truly defined a new market when it was first launched back in 1994.

Now we're launching the 4th generation of this icon - the all new RAV4.

It's been designed to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers but still retains that 'RAV'ness that has connected so well with over 4.5million customers around the world.

The exterior design has evolved to become more distinctive and increasingly sophisticated.

The interior is refined with premium-quality execution and materials.

The new Integrated Dynamic Drive System delivers great on-road performance while retaining all of the security that comes from an advanced all-wheel-drive system.

Today's RAV4 is more capable, more versatile and more fun to drive than ever before.

And it's more efficient.

With CO2 emissions starting from just 127g/km, the new RAV4 delivers class-leading levels of low emissions.

The new RAV4 and the Auris Touring Sports are both great demonstrations of Toyota's philosophy of 'Always Making Better Cars'

But of course, the Toyota that most clearly captures the emotional side of this philosophy is the GT86.

I think it's fair to say that this car has had a fantastic reception since its debut just 1 year ago.

Many of you have told us that GT86 re-captures a spirit of driving that was once thought lost.

You believed that fun had been consigned to an earlier time or moved to a level that was out of reach for most customers.

Perhaps that's why GT86 has won so many awards.

We like to think that's your way of encouraging us… to make sure this kind of car has a long future ahead of it.

Well, we hear you.

So here's a 'possible' next step in the story of GT86.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to present the FT-86 Open Concept driven on stage by the Chief Engineer - Tetsuya Tada.

Now that's a stunning car !

Tada-san, first of all I'd like to congratulate you on the great success of the GT86.

Secondly, I'd like to thank you for creating such a fabulous-looking concept and for bringing it here to Geneva

Now, I know you're all wondering what happens to the weight…

… how much heavier is it?

… and how is the weight distribution affected?

You're probably also wondering about body rigidity and whether this concept car is true to the spirit of the 86.

Well, we've been having the same considerations and Tada-san and his team are now deep into that analysis.

I don't think I'm revealing too much when I tell you that the initial results are very encouraging, particularly as GT86 was designed from the start to accommodate a cabrio body style.

The fact that we've again used the '86' reference probably tells you all you need to know.

I hope you can find Tada-san with his new concept after this press conference - as he is always up for a great quote, and honestly we can't control what he says about his baby!

With that, please let me hand you back to Didier to close!


Thank you Karl... thank you Tada-san

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe you can now see how our product portfolio is changing.

Launch by launch, motor show by motor show, I'm certain that you recognise that our cars are becoming more attractive and more emotional.

This positive direction is a result of the strong leadership of our president, Akio Toyoda.

Under his guidance Toyota is delivering great products.

Products that attract new customers to our brand as well as connecting with our loyal customer base and that are built upon our core values of Quality Durability and Reliability.

Thanks to this enhanced product line-up and to the strong fighting spirit of our organisation, I'm confident that this year we will again grow our business…

And we will do it in a sustainable way.

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for joining us today and enjoy the rest of the show.