Brussels, Belgium,

2013 New Land Cruiser DPL: Introduction

  • Over 60 years of off-road heritage
  • One of the most technically advanced and easy to use 4WD vehicles in the world
  • Combines full off-road capability and superior road driving pleasure
  • Bolder exterior design, more refined interior and improved off-road features

With over 60 years of off-road heritage, the Land Cruiser has become an icon in the 4WD market. Its unrivalled off-road performance and durability have earned it a rock-solid reputation as one of the world's toughest and most reliable 4x4s.

The Land Cruiser has attracted millions of customers globally since its launch, taking it to even the harshest environments in all seven continents —including Antarctica.

Key to the Land Cruiser's peerless off-road capability is its combination of a highly durable, deformation-resistant, body-on-frame construction with the unique level of guidance and technical support it offers drivers. Several user-friendly functions not only make tricky sections passable in terrain where even the most skilful drivers might otherwise struggle, but also assist beginners with their driving technique.

The five modes of Multi-terrain Select give drivers suitable guidance, take them through operating procedures and automatically control power output and braking inputs. And 5-step Crawl Control allows the driver to negotiate even the most extreme obstacles with maximum precision and control. In conjunction, the Multi-terrain Monitor increases the driver's awareness of his immediate surroundings and intended path.

The new Land Cruiser now features a consolidated centre console switch panel offering drivers easier, more intuitive control of the vehicle's off-road systems. And a new 4.2" colour TFT multi-information screen provides significantly enhanced off-road driving assistance with the addition of new angle gauge, traction control operation at each wheel and differential lock operation screens.

Helping even unskilled drivers maximise the vehicle's off-road performance, the unprecedented sophistication of these control and guidance refinements make the new Land Cruiser one of the most technically advanced, safe, pleasurable and easy to use four-wheel drive vehicles in the world.

However, recognising that style, comfort and on-road performance are equally important to customers, the new Land Cruiser combines this full off-road capability with a refreshed exterior design, even higher standards of quality and comfort, and superior on-road driving pleasure.

The Land Cruiser's new face draws on several structural elements from its unique design heritage a further evolution of the classic Land Cruiser grille and a vertical, two-step construction accentuating the new Toyota's rugged appearance.

A comprehensive interior upgrade combines new switchgear and instrumentation with enhanced trim and ornamentation, improved second and third row seat designs with new fabrics, and new interior colour schemes.

Revisions to both the standard suspension and the electronically modulated Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) have improved on-road handling stability and ride comfort. The 3.0 litre diesel engine has been updated to comply with EURO 5+ emissions regulations. And safety performance has been further improved through the addition of a Rear Cross Traffic Alert system.

No other SUV can offer the new Land Cruiser's unique combination of off-road performance and on-road dynamics. Its powerful road presence, enhanced ride quality and high levels of sophisticated, ownership experience-enhancing on-board technology hallmark it as a premium 4x4 with the perfect blend of go‑anywhere capability, comfort and refinement.