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Auris hybrid 2010 petrol, diesel, full hybrid: design

— Hybrid-specific exterior design for improved aerodynamics and a smooth, quiet and comfortable driving experience

— Improved interior quality and ergonomics with hybrid-specific finishes, instrumentation, switchgear and upholsteryThe Auris HSD builds on the dynamic exterior design changes and extensive interior improvements in quality, materials, ergonomics, driving comfort and visual appeal introduced with the recent launch of the Auris 2010 model range.

Externally, the new Toyota full hybrid incorporates several unique styling details to improve the car's aerodynamic performance and the fuel efficiency of its Hybrid Synergy Drive® powertrain. The interior incorporates hybrid-specific instruments, switchgear and upholstery.


Exterior Design: Improved Aerodynamic Efficiency

Toyota's new, full hybrid hatchback shares the long, 2,600 mm wheelbase and 4,245 mm overall length of the Auris 2010 model range, while a 5 mm lowering of vehicle ride height further improves its aerodynamic efficiency.

The Auris HSD features the new, horizontal bar-type grille and more aggressive headlamp clusters of the 2010 model range. However, the full hybrid's upper grille opening has been optimised to help the air flow smoothly over the upper half of the body and incorporates a hybrid blue Toyota symbol.

The front bumper and front spoiler design have also been revised and the size of the lower grille has been enlarged to reduce airflow resistance as well as improving engine cooling efficiency.

Redesigned bumper corners house a revised foglamp configuration incorporating HSD-unique LED daytime running lights. The flat, vertical surface of the bumper corner not only reinforces the Auris HSD's broad stance and driving stability, but also corrects airflow as it passes over the front wheels to minimise wheel arch turbulence.

In profile, the Auris HSD may be identified by front wing hybrid badging and a choice of purpose-made, 15" or 17" alloy wheels with integrated, aerodynamic caps and low rolling resistance tyres. These Prius-style aero wheels feature enlarged air gaps for improved cooling air flow to the Electronically Controlled Braking System. In addition, a large, roof mounted rear spoiler further improves the Auris HSD's aerodynamic efficiency.

To the rear, the Auris HSD shares the stronger, more confident design of the 2010 model range. This features a 'catamaran' bumper profile which accentuates the fill hybrid's muscular proportions and wide track. The presence of Hybrid Synergy Drive® is indicated by hybrid-specific badging and a hybrid blue Toyota symbol.

Acting in combination to smooth and control the flow of air over the car, these HSD-specific design modifications have reduced the Toyota hybrid's coefficient of drag from Cd 0.293 to 0.283, effecting reductions in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Auris HSD is available in a choice of six exterior colours, including a new, hybrid-specific, pearl white finish.


Interior Design: Hybrid-Specific Instruments, Switchgear and Upholstery

The Auris HSD's interior benefits from all the improvements in quality, ergonomics and visual appeal of the 2010 model range. Soft touch materials cover the top of the driver's instrument cluster and the upper glove box and the centre console storage box functions as an armrest. A comfortable steering wheel incorporates audio and Bluetooth phone control switches.

The unique, bridged centre console which brings the gear lever, handbrake and instrumentation within the closest possible reach of the driver has a bright metallic finish matched by the door handles. Control panel colour and finish changes have enhanced switch layout visibility. Revised throughout the Auris 2010 model range, the handbrake design features a new lever release button, a tactile, ergonomic grip and lower seating in the release position.

In addition, in conjunction with the presence of Hybrid Synergy Drive®, the Auris HSD interior also features several significant modifications. The driver's instrument binnacle has been revised, with the tachometer replaced by an Eco Drive Assist Monitor. The centre-dial information panel includes additional, Hybrid Synergy Drive® - specific information such as Energy Flow and Eco Drive Result monitors.

A hybrid blue Smart Start switch has been added to the side of the instrument cluster. The centre console incorporates a Parking Control switch, EV, Eco and Power drive mode switches and a hybrid blue Shift-by-Wire transmission lever with a high-quality silver paint finish.

Auris HSD instrument and switchgear illumination has been amended to white numbers on a hybrid blue background for the Optitron meter panel, greenish white colour — night illumination — is used on Smart start switch, Audio unit, P control switch, drive mode switch and heater control panel.

The Auris HSD interior is finished in Dark Grey. A choice of hybrid-specific upholstery features a standard specification, blue-flecked seat panel fabric, while high grade models are trimmed in Alcantara panels with leather surrounds.