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GT86 design videos press release

Coinciding with the official line-off ceremony of the Toyota GT86 in Japan last Friday, Toyota Europe released a four-part video exclusive on the design story behind the GT86. Featuring Akihiro "Dezi" Nagaya, General Manager of Toyota Design Division, and filmed on location during the 82nd Geneva Motor Show, the videos detail the various design cues that went into Toyota's new front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car. As a design centrepiece of Toyota, the GT86 designers sculpted their vision of a modern sports car inspired by the 2000GT, and reflecting the company's long sports car heritage.


Part 1: Design inspirations from Toyota's rich sports car heritage

The GT86 takes design cues from the acclaimed Toyota 2000GT sports car, first introduced in 1967. From the long bonnet design to the mid-section DLO (Daylight Opening) lines, and finishing off with the flowing designs around the rear bumper, Dezi Nagaya explains the intricate details on how the 2000GT inspired Toyota's new-age sports coupe.

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Part 2: Giving the GT86 an exterior visual presence

Dezi Nagaya describes how Toyota's new "Keen Look" and "Under Priority" design language gives the GT86 its visual presence. Another key to the design philosophy of the GT86 is the subtle hints towards the actual vehicle mechanics under the bonnet.

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Part 3: Driver-oriented interior styling

As a driver-oriented sports car, the interior offers a focussed and distraction-free driving experience. Our camera follows Dezi Nagaya inside the GT86 where he describes the "Neo Functionalism" design concept and details some subtle design cues such as the "T" shaped patterns in the dashboard.

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Part 4: Creating an iconic "86" logo

The final part of the design story focuses on the new iconic "86" logo. The logo features two pistons, highlighting the boxer-engine powering the GT86. The "86" text is designed to reflect the four-wheel drift of the perfectly balanced GT86.

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All four instalments of the videos are now available on Toyota Europe's YouTube channel ( and Media Site (