Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota Auris Hybrid named 'Car of the future'

'Yellow Angel 2011' award issued by the German automobile club ADAC to the first full hybrid vehicle in the compact C-segment.

  • Auris hybrid's practicality, efficiency and environmental performance were the decisive factors
  • The jury awarded an affordable, future-oriented technology with unlimited practicality
  • 'Car of the Future' award is awarded for the first time

The Toyota Auris hybrid is the 'Car of the future'. In this newly created category of the ADAC annual 'Yellow Angel' ('Gelben Engel') awards, Auris hybrid is praised for its excellent fuel economy and record-low emissions in its category.

According to the jury, the Toyota Auris is today's most advanced hybrid vehicle with regards to everyday practicality, cost, environmental impact and safety. This evaluation is based on a new adjudication method developed by ADAC, the largest German automobile club, to guarantee an objective evaluation of the performance for all vehicles competing for the title.

Consideration was given to the following criteria: environment (pollution range, CO2 emissions), cost (base price, fuel costs), practicality (number of seats, luggage space, maximum range, time needed to fuel or recharge) and safety (airbags, ESP). Only vehicles with petrol, diesel or alternative fuels, equipped with a start-stop system and meeting the Euro 5 emissions standard for petrol or Euro 6 for diesel, were allowed to the enter the competition.

The Toyota Auris, the first full hybrid vehicle in the compact C-segment, fully meets these requirements.

Thanks to its Hybrid Synergy Drive, the Auris hybrid achieves record-low CO2 emissions of 89 g/km, with emissions of particulate matters and NOx being significantly below the level of diesel vehicles. In addition, the average fuel consumption of 3.8 litres/100 km is unparalleled in its class. Unlike electric vehicles powered by an electric motor only, the Auris full hybrid provides unrestricted long-distance driving in hybrid mode.

Auris hybrid is also a very accessible product, with prices in line with conventionally powered vehicles with comparable size and features. Not to mention the exceptionally relaxed driving experience and the possibility of an all-electric, emissions-free and virtually silent drive.

The Auris hybrid marks Toyota's first step in the extension of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive to the entire Toyota line-up, which the company aims to achieve in Europe by the early 2020s. Toyota aims to introduce no less than 10 new hybrid models worldwide in the next few years.