Brussels, Belgium,

TRD Performance line accessories for GT86

  • European premiere of TRD Performance Line accessories for GT86
  • Front, side and rear aerodynamic components to reduce lift and improve high speed stability
  • Performance-enhancing chassis, suspension, brake, engine and exhaust components

A range of TRD Performance Line accessories for the Toyota GT86 will make its European debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Founded in 1954, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) has been designing tuning parts for Toyota vehicles in Japan for over half a century. With the launch of the GT86, TRD aerodynamics- and performance-enhancing parts are now available throughout Europe for the first time.

A GT86 equipped with TRD Performance Line accessories will be on display, showcasing just some of the comprehensive range of exterior, interior and mechanical components available for the GT86. TRD parts are not grouped into packages, and are each available individually.


Exterior, Aero and Interior Parts

A range of aero parts is available in white and partial black, all black, or an unpainted, primer finish to allow painting in any colour. They include a front spoiler, side skirts, a rear trunk spoiler and a rear under spoiler. A stainless steel rear diffuser set effectively controls lift generated at high speed, and incorporates four fins to control air flow for improved straight line stability.

A heavy duty, metallic silver fuel filler cap features sporting, hexagon bolt detailing. A choice of two, TRD 18" aluminium wheels is available. Designed for use with the TRD Monoblock Brake Kit, the forged SF2 wheel combines light weight with high rigidity, and unsprung weight is reduced to improve vehicle manoeuvrability. The cast TF6 wheel is a further development of TRD's proven, popular and stylish 10-spoke TF4 design.

TRD interior parts available include a centre console-mounted push button start switch, and a new gear knob. Clad in real leather for improved grip, the knob is shorter than the standard part, and features a concave top for a more comfortable grip and improved heat dissipation.


Performance Enhancing Parts

The GT86 chassis may be enhanced with a Full-length Ride Adjustment Shock Absorber and Spring Suspension Set. Enabling the vehicle ride height to be changed, the set's 40-stage damping force adjustment mechanism offers settings to suit every driving environment. Their fully adjustable design preserves optimum conditions across the entire suspension stroke and spring length.

Tuned to the TRD Suspension Set, a Front and Rear Stabiliser Set optimises body roll, and a Front Strut Tower Bar with a carbon fibre shaft brings out the suspension's full performance by controlling flex in the upper section of the suspension tower.

Chassis performance may be further improved through a Member Brace Set. The set employs steel bracing plates to connect the rear suspension member, front lower arm, steering rack and body, minimising bodyshell movement to maximise the full potential of the suspension.

An industry first, the TRD Door Stabiliser uses a spacer with a built-in slider mechanism to automatically fill the gap in the door striker area. Reducing this gap to zero significantly improves the torsional rigidity of the bodyshell for improved steering response and suspension efficiency.

Braking efficiency may be enhanced through a front and rear Monoblock Brake Kit. The system uses 355 mm front and 345 mm rear rotors and red, 6-pot front and 4-pot rear Brembo monoblock callipers to offer aggressive, fade-free, racing pedigree stopping power.

Direct Brake Lines are integral to the Monoblock Brake Kit, but are available separately to enhance the performance of a standard GT86 brake system. Honed through Toyota's racing experience and highly reliable, their stainless steel braided hose construction prevents brake line deterioration or expansion due to heat, achieving a safer more direct braking feel under even the most extreme track conditions.

Sports-quality oil and air filters are available, and a new radiator cap features an increased valve opening pressure. This, in turn, increases the pressure inside the radiator, raising the boiling point to more effectively control air bubbles and improve the radiators cooling efficiency.

A High Response Muffler with four exhausts has been designed to match the TRD Rear Bumper Spoiler and stainless steel rear diffuser. It is tuned to give the exhaust note a satisfying, racing note appropriate to the TRD pedigree.


List of TRD parts to be made available in Europe:

Front Spoiler

Side Skirt

Rear Trunk Spoiler

Rear Bumper Spoiler

Muffler Garnish

High Response Muffler

Rear Diffuser

Monoblock Brake Kit

Direct Brake Line

Shock Absorber Set

Coil Spring Set

Stabiliser Set

Front Strut Tower Bar

Member Brace Set

Door Stabiliser

Radiator Cap

Oil Filter Cap

Sports Oil Filter

Sports Air Filter

Fuel Cap Cover

Shift Knob (for MT & AT)

TRD Badge

Push Start Switch

Alloy Wheel 18" forged

Front License Plate Bracket

Alloy Wheel 18" cast