Brussels, Belgium,

Double victory for Toyota in Germany’s J.D. Power Ranking 2016

First Place in the Customer Service Index and first place for Auris in the Vehicle Dependability Study:

• Toyota has the highest customer service satisfaction in Germany

• The quality of service at retailer and in workshops was measured among the poll of over 15,000 car owners

• Toyota Auris has the most satisfied customers among C-segment cars owners

Toyota has the most satisfied customers in Germany when it comes to service. The Japanese automaker has landed at the top of J.D. Power Report 2016 in the CSI rating (Customer Service Index), surpassing over 30 surveyed brands. With the index value of 77.2%, Toyota has pushed its high volume as well as its premium competitor brands from the top of the ranking.

The owners of Toyota Auris have turned out to be particularly satisfied: the compact car took the first place in the VDS driver survey (Vehicle Dependability Study) within the C-segment.The J.D. Power Report 2016 surveyed 15,453 drivers in Germany via online interviews asking about their experience with their cars that they have been owning for about two years. For the VDS study the quality, reliability, attractiveness and maintenance costs of the vehicles were evaluated. The Toyota Auris secured a clear victory in C-segment with 84 points.

The CSI survey evaluates customer satisfaction with retailers and workshops. Respondents vote in five categories, covering all aspects of car ownership from the vehicle delivery to the servicing quality. Customer experience with workshops and servicing have a huge impact on car owners loyalty to the dealership and the brand overall: of the customers who have categorised themselves as “happy” with the services, 82% would like to keep purchasing service in the future; this percentage decreases by a whole quarter to 60% among customers who have categorised themselves as merely “satisfied”.

The decision of a new car purchase is significantly influenced by past service experience: nearly three-quarters of all customers who are happy about the past service have confirmed their intent to buy or lease their next vehicle of the same brand.

Full study results can be found in the report from 27 July 2016 of the journal AUTO TEST, issue 05/2016.