Brussels, Belgium,

German driver becomes Toyota's millionth hybrid customer in Europe, goes home with two Auris Hybrids

  • Toyota's hybrid sales in Europe break through the millionth sale milestone
  • Europe is Toyota's fastest growing region for hybrid sales
  • Toyota Europe’s annual hybrid sales will surpass 200,000 units in 2015

When he got up in the morning of November 11th, Victor Dugonics was already excited. A few days before, Toyota Deutschland GmbH (TDG) had called him to let him know he was the millionth customer in Europe to choose a hybrid from the Toyota group.

When he arrived at the showroom of Autohaus Yvel in Dusseldorf, his excitement just about doubled: his wife was offered a second Auris Hybrid to enjoy for a year, free of charge. And, as he is an avid sports fan, he was also treated to a game of ice hockey between Dusseldorfer EG, his home town, and Kolner Haie, home to Toyota Deutschland GmbH (TDG).

Victor came to hybrid through his work. The company he works for has hybrid buses and he got to drive them. He was interested to switch to hybrid for the environmental performance and the quietness these cars offer. He chose an Auris. "That's a great choice," said TDG President Tom Fux, who handed him the keys. "The Auris is the best proof of the success of Toyota's hybrid drive: more than half of all Auris models sold in Western Europe are equipped with our efficient combination of an electric motor and petrol engine, and the trend is growing."

Indeed, Victor is not alone. In August, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that Toyota and Lexus combined had sold more than eight million hybrid cars worldwide since the launch of the Toyota Prius in 1997. In comparison to equivalent cars with conventional drive systems, the hybrid vehicles contributed to a global saving of some 58 million tons of CO2.

The Hybrid sales already account for 23% of TME’s total sales year-to-date. As of this month, Toyota Motor Europe sells 14 full hybrids models in the European line-up: Toyota: (1) Prius, (2) Prius+, (3) Prius Plug-in, (4) Yaris Hybrid, (5) Auris Hybrid, (6) Auris Hybrid Touring Sports, (7) Camry Hybrid; Lexus: (8) CT 200h, (9) GS 300h (10)GS 450h, (11)IS 300h, (12) LS 600h(L), (13) RX 450h, 2- and 4 wheel drive and (14) NX 300h.

In Europe, Toyota manufactures the Yaris Hybrid, Auris Hybrid, Auris Hybrid Touring Sports. Our total Hybrid vehicle production accounted for approx. 20% of our total vehicle production in Europe in CY2014. Two-thirds of our hybrid sales in Europe are made in Europe.

Toyota has democratized hybrid and will continue to do so by adding a further new Hybrid model, the RAV4 Hybrid in January next year. The CH-R concept featured at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September is bound for production and will also feature a hybrid powertrain. Toyota has the widest hybrid range in the world and aims to introduce a hybrid model in every segment by 2020.

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Chronology

Year Month Milestone
1997 Dec Prius launch
2007 May Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 1 million mark
2009 Aug Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 2 million mark
2010 Jun Auris Hybrid production commenced at TMUK’s Burnaston Plant, UK
2011 Feb Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 3 million mark
2011 Aug Prius sales in Japan top 1 million mark
2012 Apr Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 4 million mark
2012 May Yaris Hybrid production commenced at TMMF’s Valenciennes Plant, France
2013 Mar Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 5 million mark
2013 Dec Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 6 million mark
2014 Sep Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 7 million mark
2015 Jul Cumulative global hybrid vehicle sales top 8 million mark
2015 Oct Cumulative European hybrid vehicle sales top 1 million mark
2015 Oct Toyota Yaris Hybrid: 200,000 units produced in Valenciennes