Brussels, Belgium,

Hiace 2007: A popular choice

  • More than 365,000 on the roads across Europe
  • Class leading cost of ownership
  • High residual values

Renowned for its reliability, economy and easy driving style, the Toyota Hiace is already a popular choice in the light commercial market. It is estimated there are over 365,000 Hiace vehicles on the road across Europe and around 15,000 new Hiace models are sold every year.


This figure has remained remarkably constant in the last few years — despite the introduction of several new models ranges into a highly competitive vehicle segment.

The appeal to light commercial vehicle customers is clear. The Toyota Hiace enjoys a legendary reputation for quality, durability and reliability and class leading cost of ownership, underpinned by high residual values.

Indeed, the current generation Toyota Hiace still beats its key rivals for retained value by a clear margin after three-years and 60,000 miles in core European markets (source: EurotaxGlass's).


The product enhancements introduced for the 2007 model year are designed to make the Hiace even more versatile and to offer business users more performance, more comfort and superior quality during their working day.