Geneva, Switzerland,

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle also on display

The Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) on display is one of several prototypes currently being road-tested on Japanese, American and European roads and represents Toyota’s ongoing developments in hybrid technology.

In Europe, Toyota has already established a technology partnership with the leading French energy supplier, EDF. Under the joint agreement, a small number of PHVs have been integrated into EDF‘s fleet and are currently being tested on public roads in France under every-day driving conditions.

The aim of this programme is to develop practical solutions for the commercialisation of Toyota’s PHV technology in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles – particularly in urban areas.

The Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles use Toyota’s hybrid technology but with the added benefit that their batteries can be recharged using a standard electrical plug.

The development of PHV is part of Toyota’s commitment to continuously engage in the development of various advanced technologies toward the realization of a world of sustainable mobility in which people and the environment can coexist.