Prius sales hits 1 millions in us

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) today announced the sale of the one millionth Toyota Prius in the USA.

This marks the third milestone in the last six months for the world's first mass-produced full hybrid vehicle: Prius worldwide sales topped the two million mark in October 2010 and, in the same year, Toyota's award-winning hybrid beat Japan's all-time domestic sales record for any vehicle, with sales totalling 315,669 units.

On a global scale, Prius sales remain consistently strong. Cumulative sales now stand at more than 2,100,000, of which European sales account for more than 200,000 units. Total TOYOTA hybrid vehicle sales now exceed 3 million units worldwide.

First introduced in Japan in 1997 and on sale in Europe and US for over a decade now, the Prius has the highest brand awareness of any hybrid vehicle. Consistently ahead of its time, its well-proven and reliable full hybrid powertrain remains the undisputed reference for environmentally friendly technology.

Three generations of Prius have not only seen significant improvements to successive evolutions of its Hybrid Synergy Drive® powertrain, but also a marked change in customer perceptions of full hybrid technology.

Last year, a new milestone for sustainable mobility was established with the introduction of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid through a global limited lease program. By the beginning of next year, Toyota will bring Prius Plug-in hybrid to the mass market.

Making its world debut at last month's Geneva Motor Show, Prius+ is the newest member of the Prius family. On sale in Europe in the first half of 2012, the Prius+ will be the first full hybrid 7-seater in the European market.

The launch of Prius+ and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid will make the Prius the first full hybrid vehicle available as a complete, stand-alone model range. The three full hybrid models will meet the requirements of a far broader customer base, promoting a significant expansion in sales.

Following the well-proven success of Hybrid Synergy Drive®over three generations of Prius, Toyota continues to roll out HSD technology to new market segments through models such as the Auris and Yaris. The Prius itself will remain a showcase for new technologies and further advances in HSD powertrain design.

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