Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) sold 874,000 vehicles in 2015 with record 209,000 hybrid sales

  • Despite low gas prices, best-ever sales of hybrid models across the Toyota and Lexus brands, up by 17% year-on-year
  • Lexus all-time European sales record of 64,000 units, a 20% year-on-year increase
  • Strong performance of Toyota built-in-Europe models, reaching 71% of sales, an increase of 6% points versus last year

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) reported its annual sales for calendar year 2015 today, and despite the lowest petrol prices in 5 years, its sales of hybrid vehicles have continued their 5-year increase to reach 209,000 units, up 17% year-on-year. Sales of Toyota and Lexus-branded hybrid vehicles now represent 24% of the group’s sales on the continent, up from 20% a year ago. In Western Europe only, sales of hybrid represent a third of total sales.

“Our excellent hybrid sales performance demonstrates that European consumers look beyond gas price fluctuations and are attracted by the benefits of driving a hybrid, and not just that they save on fuel and emissions,” said Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of TME. “Those include very low cost of ownership, the pleasure of quiet driving and the benefit of an electric drivetrain with no range anxiety,” said van Zyl.

Within those hybrid sales, the Yaris hybrid recorded sales of 72,000 in 2015, up 23% versus last year, proving that hybrid technology is accessible even on a B-segment vehicle. More than one in three Yaris sold in Europe is a hybrid.

The new Auris hybrid also did extremely well with an increase of 12% year-on-year at 78,500 sales. More than half of all Auris sold by Toyota are hybrid.

For the Lexus premium brand, hybrid sales increased by 24% to reach 41,000 units. Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles make up 64% of total Lexus sales across the continent, and reach 96% of sales in Western Europe alone.

“With sales of both the new generation Prius and the new RAV4 hybrid about to start, the irreversible drive towards ever more hybrid sales in Europe will continue in 2016,” said van Zyl. “We aim to reach more than 400,000 sales by 2020,” he added.

2015 overall sales results

Overall sales of Toyota and Lexus vehicles reached 874,000 units in 2015 (-1.5%)

TME’s sales results reflect two trends last year:

  • sustained growth in Western Europe (+7%) and Central Europe (+18%).
  • a decline in sales in Eastern Europe (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Caucasus region) in line with the very strong market decline (-36%)

The group’s overall market share stood at 4.6%.

“Our overall sales results in 2015 were in line with our expectations,” said van Zyl. “We knew from the start that with the Ruble depreciation, 2015 would not be an easy year, but we were able to maintain our share in Eastern Europe whilst increasing our sales in the rest of Europe by 9.5%. We are particularly proud of the extremely strong performance of our hybrid models and the all-time record for our premium brand Lexus in Europe.”

Strong performance of Toyota European produced models

Sales of European produced Toyota vehicles increased by 27,000 units (+5%) and now represent 71% of the total sales (+6% points versus last year).

The new AYGO reached 89,000 sales, a 26% increase year-on-year, continuing to perform strongly in its second year post launch. The newly redesigned Yaris increased sales by 11% to 201,000 units. The new Auris and Avensis, both updated in 2015, have been well received, with 142,000 sales for Auris (stable in a declining segment) and 35,000 sales for Avensis (+17%), with both models’ new interior and exterior designs, and powertrain enhancements earning high praise.

2016 will see the arrival on the market of new or redesigned models: the new Prius; the RAV4 hybrid; the new Hilux, and the new PROACE.

Lexus has best year on record in Europe

Lexus has achieved its best-ever sales in Europe in 2015. Sales increased by 20% year-on-year to reach nearly 64,000 units.

“Sales grew strongly in Western Europe and increased even in Eastern Europe despite the market decline,” said van Zyl. “We expect the strong performance achieved in 2015 to continue through 2016 towards another sales record and on track towards our 2020 target of 100,000 sales,” he added.

Lexus sales increased in Western Europe by 31%, in Central Europe by 50% and by 1% in Eastern Europe, despite the challenging environment. The market share in those respective regions increased to 1.2% (+0.2% points increase) in Western Europe, 3.6% (+0.8% points) in Central Europe and a record 12.2% (+3% points increase) in Eastern Europe versus last year.

In a line-up now comprising 9 different models covering the main premium segments, the NX became Lexus’ best seller with 28,000 sales, 61% of which were hybrid. The new RX, launching now, will bring a significant increase in sales in 2016.

“However good they are, sales figures are just sales figures,” said van Zyl. “What’s most important to us in Europe is to grow our brands and our business in a solid and sustainable way, with profit. And we’re doing exactly that by providing ever better Toyota and Lexus cars with ever better service to our customers.”


Table 1 – TME (1) total sales in 2015

TOYOTA 810,085
  AYGO 88,583
  Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid) 201,271
      Yaris Hybrid 72,252
  Auris TTL (incl. Auris Hybrid) 142,369
      Auris Hybrid 78,515
  Corolla 69,194
  Verso 34,826
  Avensis 35,487
iQ 84
Urban Cruiser 24
Verso-S 6,085
Prius Family 16,862
Prius 7,853
Prius+ 8,077
Prius Plug-in Hybrid 932
  Mirai 23
  Camry 34,207
GT86 1,704
RAV4 (incl. RAV4 Hybrid) 85,988
RAV4 Hybrid 206
Venza 278
Highlander 4,528
Land Cruiser 42,907
Hilux 35,939
Proace 7,423
Hiace 314
Other models 1,989
LEXUS 63,759
CT 200h 10,235
IS (incl. IS hybrid) 8,523
    IS hybrid 7,745
ES (incl. ES hybrid) 2,072
    ES hybrid 44
GS (incl. GS hybrid) 2,004
    GS hybrid 1,523
LS (incl. LS hybrid) 295
    LS hybrid 147
NX (incl. NX hybrid) 28,417
    NX hybrid 17,278
RX (incl. RX hybrid) 6,883
    RX hybrid 3,568
RC (incl. RC hybrid) 648
    RC hybrid 89
Other models 4,682





















































Table 2 – TME (1) total sales in Q4 2015

TOYOTA 196,264
  AYGO 19,687
  Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid) 48,705
      Yaris Hybrid 19,359
  Auris TTL (incl. Auris Hybrid) 37,832
      Auris Hybrid 23,049
  Corolla 16,618
  Verso 8,132
  Avensis 9,600
iQ 5
Urban Cruiser 1
Verso-S 464
Prius Family 3,890
Prius 1,718
Prius+ 1,913
Prius Plug-in Hybrid 259
  Mirai 23
  Camry 7,913
GT86 360
RAV4 (incl. RAV4 Hybrid) 16,127
RAV4 Hybrid 206
Venza 13
Highlander 926
Land Cruiser 12,611
Hilux 10,537
Proace 2,358
Hiace 86
Other models 386
LEXUS 15,782
CT 200h 2,646
IS (incl. IS hybrid) 1,877
    IS hybrid 1,590
ES (incl. ES hybrid) 908
    ES hybrid 2
GS (incl. GS hybrid) 334
    GS hybrid 248
LS (incl. LS hybrid) 48
    LS hybrid 23
NX (incl. NX hybrid) 7,073
    NX hybrid 4,682
RX (incl. RX hybrid) 1,151
    RX hybrid 535
RC (incl. RC hybrid) 169
    RC hybrid 89
Other models 1,576




















































(1) Toyota Motor Europe is responsible for all Western, Central and Eastern European countries including Turkey and Russia as well as Israel and a number of Central Asian markets (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). 
Models listed in italics are produced locally at Toyota’s European manufacturing facilities.