Toyota to export U.S.-made SUVs and Pickups

Shipments to Mideast, S. America Part of Optimizing Global Supply System

Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that it plans to export the "Sequoia" SUV made at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. to the Middle East and South America, and the "Tundra" pickup truck made at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc. to South America.

The planned exports, scheduled to start in December 2008 and to be conducted through Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, Inc., are part of an ongoing TMC effort to optimize global production and supply structures to allow TMC to better respond to changes in market demand they also reflect increasing demand for full-size SUVs in the Middle East and South America and for full-size pickup trucks in South America.

Annually, TMC will export to the Middle East approximately 15,000 units of the Sequoia, and to South America, approximately 150 units of the Sequoia and approximately 1,000 units of the Tundra.

Holding a long-term view, TMC plans—by uniting research and development, procurement, production and sales functions to more-flexibly meet changes in demand—to establish a stable global supply system based on strengthened production and supply structures.