You're invited - Toyota shares vision on Future of Urban Mobility

Our Future Mobility Now (1) webinar

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) invites you to join the inaugural Manufacturer Focus webinar hosted by ACEA's Out Future Mobility Now project on January 12. During the live online presentation, TME will share its unique insight on the evolution of cars and motorised transport in the context of urban mobility.

More and more European citizens are now living in an urban setting. This means that cities and transport infrastructures around Europe are now facing an increase in challenges resulting from urban congestion, pollution, and traffic incidents. From this standpoint, the automotive industry has already begun researching and developing new and creative solutions to enhance and improve urban mobility for the future while reducing environmental impact.

Through this live webcast, TME's environmental expert, Stephan Herbst, will demonstrate how efficient and effective urban transport could enhance and contribute to improve the lives of urban dwellers. Lars Akkermans, researcher at Transport & Mobility Leuven, will join the discussions as a specialist in modelling human behaviour, offering concrete analysis on the impact of road safety measures and transport policy on society and the environment.

Join us on Thursday, January 12 at 17:00 CET to listen in or have your say by following this link:

About the experts

Dr. Stephan Herbst, Senior Manager of Environmental Affairs at TME, studied business administration and economics and holds a PhD in Environmental Cost Management. For seven years, Stephan worked at a German OEM in both Germany and China before joining TME in 2005. He was responsible for the Environmental Strategy of TME before moving to Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan to take on the responsibilities of managing various environmental and energy related areas. Upon returning to Europe, he is now responsible for Low Carbon Mobility and TME's annual Sustainability Report. Stephan is a member of Toyota's Global Climate Change and Energy Team and is actively involved in mobility projects of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Lars Akkermans, Researcher at Transport & Mobility Leuven, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology specialises in modelling human behaviour. His main area of expertise is the analysis of how road safety measures and transport policy affects human behaviour. Before joining Transport & Mobility Leuven, Lars worked for the Belgian Road Safety Institute and TNO Human Factors (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) as a researcher for different European projects related to road safety as well as an analyst of different national and international measures in the field of enforcement, human interaction and technical advances in road safety. Merging and measuring theoretical models and practical impact has been a major part of his past work in the field of traffic law enforcement.