Paris, France,

2017 TOYOTA GT86

A Genuine Driver’s Car

The GT86 is the perfect expression of Toyota’s intention to add passion and excitement to its brand by building cars that are genuinely fun and rewarding to drive. A light and agile, front engine/rear-wheel drive coupe directly inspired by Toyota’s fine sportscar heritage, it has earned huge critical acclaim for its performance as a genuine driver’s car.

The new 2017 model benefits from significant changes that serve to re-emphasise and enhance the performance qualities that define the GT86, while at the same time improving quality, sensory appeal and equipment in line with customer expectations. 

Improved driving dynamics – tuned for improved handling, stability and ride comfort

Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Tada’s mission has been to strengthen the qualities that define the GT86 as an exceptional driver’s car. He declared “we overhauled everything,” his team drawing directly on technical feedback gained from the GT86’s performance in track racing, including the Nürburgring 24 Hours.

The focus is on achieving even better stability, responsiveness and road comfort through increased body rigidity, revised suspension components and improved aerodynamics. The rear body has been rendered more rigid with additional spot welding around the rear pillar and the thickness of number of rear panel and bracket components has been increased.

A more stable and comfortable ride has been achieved by adopting new suspension springs and retuned Showa shock absorbers. Optional Sachs shock absorbers will be available for customers seeking a more performance-focused drive.

Detailed aerodynamic revisions include a new, lower nose, revised front and rear bumpers and the addition of strategic fins to the front and sides of the vehicle to secure a smoother airflow.

The coupe retains its unique combination of a compact, front-mounted, naturally aspirated 200 DIN hp horizontally opposed “boxer” engine with rear-wheel drive, with six-speed manual or ECT automatic transmission. 

Exterior styling – powerful appearance with improved aerodynamics

The fine detail changes to the GT86’s exterior styling improve its aerodynamic performance and add emphasis to its road presence, with no dilution of the coupe’s taut, classic lines. These goals achieve perfect harmony in a subtle but effective reworking of the frontal elements, notably with a wider, low-set grille and a pronounced lower lip to the front bumper with integrated fins. The refreshed head-on-view amplifies the car’s ground-hugging stance and agile performance.

Aerodynamic detailing extends to a subtle new nose fin and new fog lamp surrounds with a triple-strake design that is both aerodynamically efficient and striking in appearance. The headlight units have been restyled to create a stronger horizontal emphasis, with new bi-LED lamps for full and high beam. The turn indicators have been relocated within the headlamp clusters, arranged as a line of individual orange LEDs beneath an angled series of white daytime running light LEDs.

To the side, the garnishes high on the front wings also gain new aerodynamic fins. The range of wheels available for the 2017 model introduces a new 17-inch slim-spoke alloy design in a machined and dark grey finish.

New features at the rear of the GT86 follow the pattern of those at the front in generating a lower-stronger look, led by a wider and deeper black moulding and diffuser unit that creates a strong trapezoidal shape and extends low enough to conceal the exhaust silencer. The rear spoiler has been redesigned for improved aerodynamics and the rear LED light clusters have been reworked, generating a stronger horizontal line and using lightguides to produce a distinctive lighting signature and featuring new LED turn indicators. 

Interior styling

New features and finishes in the cabin reassert the GT86’s fundamental character as an authentic driver’s car, while also raising the overall visual and tactile quality, creating a greater sensual appeal.

A new three-spoke steering wheel has been fitted, its 362 mm diameter making it the smal-lest yet fitted to a production Toyota, with a cross-section precision-calculated to offer the best possible grip and feel. It features a prominent silvered 86 logo on the boss, shaved metal-effect trim on the spokes and additional switchgear to operate a new audio system and 4.2-inch colour TFT multi-information display.

The multi-information display has been introduced in the revised triple-dial driver’s instrument binnacle, with an information menu that includes fuel economy, cruising distance and more performance-focused data such as a G-force monitor, power and torque curves and a stopwatch. The tachometer has been adjusted so that 7,000 rpm – the speed for peak power delivery – sits at the top of the dial. The GT86’s status as a driver’s car is also acknowledged in a new, switchable TRACK mode that lets the driver select the degree of electronic stability and traction control intervention they prefer, including a “fully off” setting.

The instrument panel itself has a new one-piece textured black finish that reduces glare and reflection, and a new carbon fibre mesh pattern trim has been added to the door switch panels and the ventilation control panel on the centre console. Buckskin pattern upholstery is available for the instrument binnacle hood, matching a new upholstery choice that combines leather with perforated Alcantara seat facings, available in all-black, or black with red leather. The GT86’s cloth upholstery has also been upgraded, providing better body-holding performance.

The centre console features a new 6.1 inch display for the audio system, which now offers DAB reception. An upgraded Toyota Touch 2 with Go navigation system comes complete with a more intuitive user interface and three years’ map updates and access to connected services, including live road traffic information, Google Search and Twitter.