Brussels, Belgium,

Toyota unveils pioneering full hybrids, fun to drive and more at the next Geneva Motor Show

The 82nd Geneva motor show will see a continuation of Toyota's product rejuvenation programme, bringing emotion through the GT 86, and the continued expansion of full hybrid technology to new segments.

Yaris Hybrid

The Yaris Hybrid will make its world premiere, bringing true innovation to the B-segment. This vehicle will bring Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology to a wider customer group, making it the most accessible full hybrid proposition in the European market. Combining a smooth and silent drive with superior urban agility and maximised interior roominess within a compact exterior size, it will feature the lowest emissions in the segment.

FT-Bh concept

Also making its world debut, the FT-Bh concept is an ultra-lightweight, full hybrid vehicle study, designed to achieve low emissions within an economically viable production framework. The techniques and thought processes demonstrated in the concept avoid the use of exotic and expensive materials or complex procedures, using only those already commonplace in the automotive industry.

GT 86

Making its European debut, Toyota's eagerly awaited GT 86 will be launched across Europe from this summer. Toyota's latest sports car model brings purity, excitement and driving engagement to customers at an affordable price.

TOYOTA NS4 and FCV-R concepts

The TOYOTA NS4 and FCV-R concepts will both make their European debuts. The TOYOTA NS4 is a next generation Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) responding to customer desire for added value in hybrid motoring with advanced design, refined sensory satisfaction and enhanced driving involvement. The FCV-R concept embodies TOYOTA's next step towards the mass-production of hydrogen powered vehicles, paving the way for the launch of a sedan-type Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) by 2015.


Finally, also making its European debut at Geneva, the TOYOTA diji concept offers the ultimate in personalisation. The entire body, both exterior and interior, functions as a display area, with body colour and display content changeable as the driver desires. Messages and information can be displayed with the same ease as downloading an app. Moreover, the TOYOTA diji can form a link with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure to offer a truly connected driving experience.

The Toyota press conference will be held on Tuesday, March 6 at 10:15 CET.