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Auris hybrid 2010 petrol, diesel, full hybrid: manufacturing

— Auris HSD to be built at TMUK's Burnaston plant, the first European plant to mass produce a hybrid vehicle

— 25% of Auris HSD build components unique to the hybrid model derivative

— 149 build processes affected and seven entirely new to the assembly line

— Specific assembly line focus on high voltage hybrid componentry and vehicle silent running

— Burnaston the first UK car plant to qualify for Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certificationThe new Auris HSD will be assembled at Toyota Manufacturing UK's Burnaston plant, in Derbyshire, while the Hybrid Synergy Drive® system's petrol engine will be built in Deeside. Opened in 1992, Burnaston was Toyota's first European plant and vehicle production passed the three million mark in June 2010.

After almost 20 years of manufacturing experience, the Auris HSD represents a major milestone for TMUK, with Burnaston now becoming the first Toyota plant in Europe to produce a hybrid vehicle.

An Auris HSD is built from 1,753 separate components, of which 395 — some 25% - are unique to the hybrid model derivative. This adds significant production complexity, with 149 build processes — 69% of the total - affected. Seven processes are entirely new to the assembly line, such as the installation of the sub-battery in the luggage compartment, the main battery behind the rear seats, the high voltage cable and the modified, 1.8 VVT-i petrol engine.

Quality remains an absolute priority at TMUK and all production techniques were re-evaluated to maintain the highest standards in build quality, durability and reliability.

All assembly line members have received National Vocational Qualification training in the handling of High Voltage components. A new Toyota Vehicle Electric Checking System has been adopted for the rigorous checking of all electrical hybrid components. And a new vision system has been incorporated within the welding process to ensure 100% checking of the high voltage cable and battery fixing weld studs.

The offline inspection area has been completely redesigned to support hybrid assembly requirements, with a specific focus on high voltage componentry and vehicle silent running. A new test track facility allows for comprehensive vehicle road testing, including checking of the Auris HSD's unique, regenerative braking system.

Based on the five Rs —Refine, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Retrieve energy- TMUK's commitment to sustainable manufacturing already has a long history, the Burnaston plant achieving its goal of sending zero waste to landfill back in 2003.

Burnaston is the first car manufacturing plant in the UK to have qualified for Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certification. It has received several awards for its excellent environmental performance and is a carbon positive pioneer.

The experience and knowledge gained by TMUK in the production of the Auris HSD will serve as a foundation for hybrid manufacturing throughout Europe, supporting Toyota's long-term goal of offering hybrid derivatives of all its models by the 2020s.