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Hilux 2012: New design and more power

— Over 13 million Hilux sold since 1967

— Global sales increased by 25% in 2010, with 549,000 units sold

— European segment sales leader for third year running, with 21,866 units sold in 2010 —close to 25% of the segment

— Legendary quality, durability and reliability helps Hilux conquer the world's most hostile environments

— New, more refined Hilux available in 36 European countries and more than 135 around the world

First released in Japan in 1967, and one year later throughout Europe, the legendary Toyota Hilux has been a dominant presence in the global pick-up market for almost 45 years.

To date, the world's favourite pick-up has recorded cumulative global sales of over 13 million units. Last year, global sales reached 549,000 units, an increase of 25% over the previous year. In Europe, 21,866 Hilux vehicles were sold in 2010, representing close to 25% of the segment and making the Toyota pick-up the leader for the third consecutive year.

Renowned for its quality, durability and outstanding reliability, the unstoppable Hilux continues to set new endurance records and conquer the most hostile environments throughout the world. Last year alone, Hilux pick-ups prepared by specialists Arctic Trucks conquered both an Icelandic volcano and the freezing territory of Antarctica.

On 25th March, a few days after the eruption of Iceland's infamous Eyjarfjallajökull volcano began, two Hilux pick-ups equipped with giant, 38" low-pressure tyres proved ideal transport for scientists battling through the country's legendary extremes of weather and terrain to set up monitoring equipment before the mountain blew its top and brought chaos to the skies of Europe with a 30,000 ft high plume of ash.

Later in 2010, between 10th November and 5th December, four Hilux equipped with standard 3.0 D-4D diesel engines transported expedition members of the Indian National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) on a 4,600 km round trip across the most hostile environment in the world to reach the South Pole. Faced with temperatures as low as -56oC and altitudes of over 3,400 m, the Hilux recorded a lower fuel consumption and higher average speed than any equivalent Antarctic vehicle.

The Hilux 2012 features a new, sophisticated exterior design, refined interior quality with improved levels of standard equipment and a new, expanded, four grade line-up available in Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab body styles.

The new pick-up will be available in 36 European countries, and more than 135 throughout the world. With anticipated European sales of almost 29,000 units in 2011, the Toyota Hilux success story is set to continue.