Brussels, Belgium,

Land Cruiser V8 2012: Enhanced off-road capabilities

The Land Cruiser V8 2012’s legendary off-road abilities have been further improved through the addition of several new features: a world-first Turn Assist function incorporated in the enhanced 5 steps Crawl Control system, a switchable Multi-terrain Select system (MTS), a Multi-terrain Monitor, and a Tyre Angle Display.


Crawl Control with world-first off-road Turn Assist 

When the transfer switch is in L4 range and vehicle speed is below 25 km/h, the Crawl Control function may be used either on its own or in conjunction with MTS, helping the driver slowly descent or ascend slopes at a walking pace, or free the vehicle when stuck, without the need to touch the pedals. Crawl Control now offers drivers a choice of five vehicle speed settings.An independently switchable Turn Assist function has been added to Crawl Control, allowing drivers to execute even the tightest turns without the need for reversing mid-bend. Operable at speeds below 10 km/h, Turn Assist reacts to the driver’s steering inputs, braking the rear wheel on the same side of the vehicle as the direction in which it is turning. Wheel braking force automatically increases with steering angle, reducing the new Land Cruiser V8 2012’s turning circle radius.


Multi-terrain Select (MTS) 

The new Land Cruiser V8 2012’s Multi-terrain Select system (MTS) automatically modifies the vehicle’s throttle, braking and traction control systems to suit off-road conditions, providing the driver with maximum traction and vehicle control for any given scenario.MTS offers drivers a choice of five terrain modes in the L4 four-wheel drive transfer range: Mud and Sand, Loose Rock, Mogul, Rock and Dirt, and Rock. The new Multi-terrain Monitor will automatically display the view around the vehicle on the 8” multi-information screen when MTS is in operation.In any of the five MTS modes, the centre differential may be locked for added traction. The rear differential may also be locked for maximum traction.


Multi-terrain Monitor 

Used in conjunction with MTS, a new Multi-terrain Monitor displays images from four external cameras on the 8” multi-information screen. Operational when MTS is activated, the system gives off-road drivers a comprehensive view of the areas immediately adjacent to the Land Cruiser V8 2012 which would otherwise be obscured from sight, whether driving forwards or in reverse.In addition to front and rear cameras, the system features left and right door mirror-mounted cameras capable of projecting either a front or a rear side view. The Multi-terrain Monitor features a versatile display mode capable of showing either independent or combined, front and/or side views. When the shift lever is moved to the R position, the display will automatically switch to the rear view.The front camera uses a wide angle lens to display the widest possible forward view. Areas traditionally out of sight, such as immediately in front of the bonnet, to within 50cm of the bumper, are now viewable.The Multi-terrain Monitor also displays a comprehensive range of additional front and side view information, including the view range of the cameras and the locations of obstacles detected by the clearance sonar.In addition, the position of the front and rear tyre contact patches, steering linked guide lines which predict the path of the front tyres, and vehicle width and length parallel lines are also displayed to help the driver judge distances and avoid obstacles.


Tyre Angle Display 

Complimentary to the Multi-terrain Monitor’s predicted tyre path guidelines, the new Land Cruiser is also equipped with a Tyre Angle Display. Selected through the multi-information switch when MTS is activated, steering angle-linked guidelines are projected in real time onto the TFT multi-information display. Moving through seven steps, they constantly inform the driver of changes in steering angle between 0 and 45 degrees. The Tyre Angle Display is also convenient when parking, offering drivers an at-a-glance reminder of steering angle and tyre direction.


Variable Flow Control Power Steering 

The highly durable hydraulic power steering system of 4.5 litre turbodiesel Land Cruiser V8 2012 models is now available with Variable Flow Control (VFC), which combines direct response and feel when cruising with effortless operation when parking.A unique, dedicated off-road setting provides a constant level of steering assistance, allowing the driver to accurately assess tyre grip levels under all driving conditions.