Brussels, Belgium,

New Avensis DPL 2011: Interior design ― sophistication and comfort

— Improved sensory quality throughout

— Quality and feel of frequently touched parts improved

— Revised front seat design for greater comfort and support

— Lighter cabin ambience and seat upholstery upgrades throughout the model range

Within a cabin already praised for its comfort, roominess and practicality, the New Avensis benefits from improved perceived quality across the model range, and upgraded upholstery in a choice of new colours.

The appearance, touch and feel of the entire dashboard have been improved. The centre console layout has been redesigned to improve the switchgear layout and operability. The central air vents have been redesigned and now share the new metal paint finish of the centre console itself, and the side air vents have become chrome trimmed.

The tactile quality and feel of frequently handled parts such as the door trim gripping area, switchgear and the front console all benefit from new, higher quality ornamentation. The driver's instrument dial backlighting has been changed from amber to a higher quality white, and the rear console box lid upholstery has been changed from polyurethane to leather.

The front seatback side support shape has been redesigned for better lateral holding performance, greater comfort and reduced fatigue, and the seat upholstery has been upgraded throughout the model range.

Entry level fabric seat upholstery has been enhanced to offer higher, Sol grade trim quality, Sol grade fabric now features Executive grade trim, Executive grade fabric has been upgraded to a newly introduced Alcantara finish, and Premium grade seats are now finished with high quality perforated leather inserts for improved comfort.

Lightening the overall ambience within the New Avensis' cabin, the leather upholstery is available in a choice of two new colours, Light Grey and Warm Grey in addition to the already existing Black one.