Brussels, Belgium,

The new Toyota Auris 2012 DPL: More dynamic exterior design

  • All-new exterior design with more confident, sleek and dynamic styling
  • New face of Toyota frontal design combining Under Priority styling with Keen Look headlamp and LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) detailing
  • Lower, drag-reducing stepped roofline, longer, three-panel side glazing and stronger rising belt line
  • Overall height lowered by 55 mm contributes to a reduction in frontal projected surface area for class-leading aerodynamics - Cd = 0.277, CdA = 0.61

Designed to maximise the benefits of a reduced overall height and lower centre of gravity, the new Auris features an all-new exterior with more confident, sleek, and dynamic styling.

At 4,275 mm the overall length of the new Auris has increased by only 30 mm, though its wheelbase remains the same at 2,600 mm and the Auris remains one of the most compact cars in its class.

The frontal projected surface area of the new Auris has been significantly reduced versus the current model and, without impacting on passenger accommodation, its overall height lowered by 55 mm, making it one of the lowest vehicles in the segment. These changes offer considerable aerodynamic benefits, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and driving dynamics overall.

Nowhere is the next generation Auris' confidence and agility more immediately apparent than in its new frontal design. The new face of Toyota combines the company's Under Priority grille design with the Keen Look headlamp style and LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) detailing to bring boldness to the Auris range, and a more powerful road presence.

The Under Priority design features a large, trapezoidal lower grille set within the front bumper, and a smaller upper grille running full width between the new headlamps.

Beneath a low sweeping bonnet line dominated by a new, larger Toyota badge which is set lower than its predecessor, the upper grille features a central, chrome-plated horizontal trim bar which is visually extended into the headlamp clusters to accentuate the width of the vehicle.

Within the narrower, more purposefully styled headlamp clusters, the horizontal chrome trim bar flows into an 'eyebrow' form which accentuates the exceptionally narrow clearance between the bonnet and the HID (High Intensity Discharge) or halogen headlamps. This innovative packaging also incorporates LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) to give the new Auris a unique visual signature.

Flanked by integral foglamp housings with chrome surround detailing, the large lower grille combines a piano black finish with a floating, lower chrome accent to the lip spoiler, once again accentuating the width of the new Auris and emphasising its planted, solid stance.

In profile, beneath a steeply raked windscreen flowing into a new, lower, drag-reducing stepped roofline, a styling change sees a lengthening of the side glazing into three panels above a stronger rising belt line crease.

The door mirror has been repositioned within the glazed area, blacked-out pillars include a piano black finish to the B pillar, and, allied to a chrome accented beltline trim, a sweeping, more dynamic treatment of the rear pillar further accentuates the new Auris' lower, more elegant and sporting silhouette.

The new Toyota Auris' ride height has been lowered by 10 mm, narrowing the gap between the wheel arches and tyres, and aligning the wheel more closely with the bodywork to further accentuate the new vehicle's sleeker, more streamlined appearance. And a choice of wheels includes a new 15" and 16" wheelcap design and 16" and 17" alloys.

To the rear, a wider opening tailgate features powerful, convex and concave surfacing. It is topped by an integral roof spoiler and flanked by a new, wraparound rear combination lamp design which reinforces the shape of both the rear wing and rear screen, as well as the added strength of the shoulder over the rear wheel arch. The new bumper with reflectors integrated at the extremities reinforces the new Auris' broad, stable and sporting rear stance.

The new Auris will be available in a choice of ten exterior colours, of which four -Grey, Avant-Garde Bronze, Dark Steel and Blue- are new. Pearl White is exclusive to full hybrid models.


Hybrid-specific Exterior Design

The Auris Hybrid shares the dynamic exterior styling changes and extensive interior improvements introduced with the new Auris. Externally, the new Toyota full hybrid further incorporates unique detailing to identify it as the flagship of the model range, and the interior incorporates hybrid-specific instruments, switchgear and upholstery.

The lower grille and lower rear bumper diffuser are finished in a hybrid-exclusive graphite metallic paint colour, and the Toyota bonnet and tailgate logos are in hybrid blue. There are hybrid logos on the front wings and a hybrid mark on the tailgate. The rear combination lamps incorporate hybrid-only LED lights.

Both 15" silver and 17" graphite alloy wheels are of a new design unique to the Auris Hybrid.


Class-leading Aerodynamics

This all-new exterior design delivers an excellent aerodynamic performance, contributing to both improved handling stability and reduced fuel consumption.

Thanks to the lowering of the overall height by 55 mm, the reduction in frontal projected surface area has a significant impact in lowering vehicle wind resistance.

Flowing from the seamless sweep of a lower bonnet line and steeply raked windscreen, the new, stepped roof profile further reduces drag, whilst the rear spoiler is now fully integrated within the rear roofline, connecting seamlessly with the rear pillar to minimise turbulence in air flowing astern from the vehicle.

Equal attention has been paid to ensuring the smoothest possible airflow beneath the new Auris. The underfloor features a front spoiler, a lower absorber, an engine undercover, front spats, centre floor undercovers, tank side floor undercovers, a rear floor undercover and rear spats to maximise aerodynamic efficiency.

This underfloor aerodynamic performance is further enhanced through the positioning of wing-shaped vertical wings to the centre and rear floor undercovers, further smoothing the air flow under the vehicle to promote greater handling and high-speed stability.

As a result of these comprehensive aerodynamic measures, the new Auris' coefficient of drag has been reduced from Cd 0.292 to just Cd 0.277 and CdA has fallen from 0.67 to just 0.61.