Brussels, Belgium,

The new Toyota Auris 2012 DPL: The new Toyota Auris

Based on a new architecture, with a lower stance, the new Auris reflects the personal passion of Toyota's President, Akio Toyoda, to engineer more appealing, dynamically engaging cars whilst building upon the company's long-established reputation for quality, durability and reliability.

Taking this direction, the engineering team focused on weight management, chassis design, packaging optimisation and powertrain enhancement. They also worked closely with the design team to match the vehicle style to the vehicle architecture.

The result is the new Auris — lighter, more dynamic, better equipped and cheaper to run than ever before. It offers bolder, more confident and sleek styling, improved driving dynamics, a higher quality interior design and further enhancements to improve fuel efficiency, including to its flagship, full hybrid model.

Aerodynamic improvements, an average weight saving of 50 kg and engine enhancements have seen fuel consumption and CO2 emission reductions across the range, further lowering running costs and the Total Cost of Ownership.

On a sales-weighted basis, the new Auris is projected to deliver a fleet average of just 109 g/km, a 13% reduction compared to today's model.

At launch, the new Auris' anticipated pan-European sales mix will be approximately 1/3rd full hybrid, 1/3rd diesel and 1/3rd petrol. This not only demonstrates the wide range of customer choice the line up brings, but also that full hybrid is a mainstream proposition, accessible to the largest possible audience.

Generating class-leading emissions of just 87 g/km, virtually no NOx or Particulate Matter, the new Auris Hybrid also delivers significant cost of ownership benefits arising from lower taxation in many European countries and reduced service and maintenance charges.

Designed primarily for Europe, its largest volume market, the new Auris will be built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK alongside the Avensis, reinforcing the company's commitment to its European operations.

With sales starting by the end of this year, the new Auris model range is expected to deliver an increased segment share, focusing strongly on new customers downsizing to the C-segment for the first time, and the increasing importance of fleet buyers looking for low running and maintenance costs and excellent residual values.