Brussels, Belgium,

Hiace 2007: More powerful 2.5 diesel

  • Choice of power outputs — 95 or 117 DIN hp
  • Massive increase in torque for easy drivin
  • Now complying with Euro IV emissions
  • Low running costs

More powerful diesel engines are now available in the Toyota Hiace range with the introduction of the latest generation units, based on the advanced D-4D common rail technology 2KD-FTV engine used in the current model. As with the current model, there will be a choice of power outputs to suit individual customer needs and working environments.


The entry 2.5-litre D-4D intercooler gains 7 DIN hp to take its maximum output to 95 DIN hp at 3600 rpm. It also benefits from a significant increase in maximum torque, which is up by 38 Nm to 230 Nm, developed across an engine range from 1400 to 2800rpm.

Even more impressive is the increase in power for the high-performance 2.5-litre D-4D which is also fitted with a high capacity intercooler to maximise operating efficiency. Maximum output rises to 117 DIN hp (up by 15 hp) and maximum torque is up by 34 Nm to 294 Nm across 1600 to 2400 rpm.

These two new engines ensure the Toyota Hiace remains competitive at the heart of the European light commercial vehicle market by offering the balance of power and torque that operators expect. Both new engines comply with Euro IV emissions regulations.

Overall performance figures are greatly improved while retaining low fuel consumption and low overall running costs. The Toyota Hiace now has a top speed of 152 km/h (hi-powered version) while acceleration in mid-range driving, from 80 km/h to 100 km/h, is improved by around two seconds which make it top class in overtake acceleration.

The Toyota Hiace also improves fuel consumption, the 2.5 high power D-4D (4x2, 5M/T) reaches 8.5 litres/100 km instead of the current generation 8.7 litres/100km.

Despite the increased power, low running costs remain a design priority. The upgraded diesel engines are equipped with Toyota's Oil Maintenance Management System (OMMS) which helps reduce operating costs by extending service intervals. As a result, the Hiace D4-D is available with a variable oil change interval that can go up to 30,000km or two years.