Low running costs

  • Lower servicing costs
  • OilMaintenanceMonitoringSystem(OMMS)
  • Low CO2 taxation and fuel costs
  • Proven Toyota quality
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Easy end-of-life dismantling

Lower servicing costs

The Urban Cruiser's 15,000 km service interval maximises component lifetime efciency, ensuring parts such as brake pads are only changed when they have been fully used. The new urban all-roader features a maintenance-free timing chain, a low cost oil flter in which only one component has to be replaced and long-life spark plugs. The use of synthetic oil is not required, further lowering maintenance costs.

The Urban Cruiser also benefts from Toyota's already excellent record of low repair costs. Many components have been developed specifcally to reduce impact repair costs. These include headlamp mounting brackets which are designed to break on impact before the lamp itself is damaged and the large front bumper, which reduces damage to the bonnet during collisions.

The body structure has also been designed to reduce repair costs when a minor collision occurs. This is expected to receive a class 17 listing (1.4-litre D-4D AWD version) in damage testing set by the German Insurance Industry.

Oil Maintenance Monitoring System (OMMS)

The Urban Cruiser's 1.4 litre turbodiesel features an Oil Maintenance Monitoring System (OMMS) which continuously monitors engine use and determines the optimum oil change interval.

In addition, the adoption of automatic valve adjusters on the 1.3- litre Dual VVT-i engine removes the need to periodically adjust valve clearances throughout the engine's lifespan. Clutches are self-adjusting, and an automatic tensioner avoids the need for periodic checking of the auxiliary belt tension. Auxiliary belt life is 105 000 km and the engine coolant will last 150 000 km.

Low CO2 taxation and fuel costs

Through the adoption of Toyota Optimal Drive technology, both the Urban Cruiser's petrol and diesel engines are highly efcient. As a result, customers beneft not only from lower fuel bills, but also, due to lower CO2 emissions, lower taxation in many European countries.

Proven Toyota quality

Benefting from over 50 years of Toyota all-roader expertise, the Urban Cruiser bodyshell has been designed to remain corrosion free throughout the life of the vehicle. The use of galvanized steel sheets on most of the body components enhances anti-corrosion characteristics. And an underbody undercoating further prevents corrosion damage as a result of paint chipping.

Environmentally friendly production

Often heated and cooled using solar power, surrounded by native trees and committed to "zero land fll" operations, Toyota manufacturing plants are some of the most environmentally advanced in the world.

The quantity of environmentally harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials used in parts throughout the interior of the Urban Cruiser has been reduced. Acrylic-based material is used for the undercoating material of the underbody, thus avoiding the use of polyvinyl chloride.

Easy end-of-life dismantling

To ensure easy recycling, dismantling marks are included on large components such as the front bumper, instrument panel lower, front and back door trim, deck side trim, and back door trim. In addition, materials of components which weigh less than 100g are marked as this can help simplify dismantling work.