New gs: increased comfort and luggage space

  • Increased front and rear door openings for easier ingress and egress
  • Improved seat design to accommodate also taller passengers
  • Increased head room for all occupants by up to 30mm
  • Increased knee room for rear passengers by 20mm
  • Increase in luggage space by up to 61% -

Despite having an identical wheelbase length to that of its predecessor, the new GS offers increased space and comfort to all vehicle occupants. Both front and rear door openings have been designed for maximum ease of ingress and egress.

The new front seats feature a lower hip point, placing the driver 100mm closer to the GS's centre of gravity. They combine optimum holding ability with superior comfort. The new seat back design is more comfortable for taller passengers. An extended seat sliding range caters for the widest possible cross-section of occupants. Combined with the extended seat height adjustment this gives an increase in legroom and up to 30mm of extra headroom.

The new seat provides different adjustment possibilities accounting up to 18 different seat positions available. They include a butterfly headrest, shoulder support, side support, 4-way lumbar support, and a cushion length adjustable by 76mm.

Rear seat passengers benefit from new seats with a revised seat back angle and redesigned cushion shape for greater comfort. A thin front seat

back design improves rear knee room by 20mm. Headroom has been increased by 25mm.

Allied to a new, more compact rear suspension layout, an opening width increase by 170mm, increased deck length and reduced deck height combine to make the new GS's luggage space more practical and with much better access for easy loading and unloading. It also increased its volume significantly achieving 566 litres (+31% compared to the last GS 300). The smart-packaging of the hybrid battery into a stacked format also improved the GS 450h's luggage capacity to 482 litres (+61% compared to the outgoing GS 450h) making the GS class leader in terms of luggage space.