Toyota contributes to thai state-run driving school

—New Curriculum Includes 'mobilitas' Safe-driving Know-how—

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces it participated in a ceremony today to mark the implementation of improvements in course curriculum at the Center of Driving Instruction and Skill Development for Drivers, a state-run driving school in Bangkok, Thailand. TMC's contribution to the improvements included providing information and training derived from TMC's Toyota Safety Education Center "mobilitas" in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Approximately 140 people attended the ceremony, including Director-General of the Department of Land Transport Chairat Sa-nguansue, other government officials, law enforcement officers and representatives of TMC. During the ceremony, TMC Managing Officer Masayuki Nakai addressed the attendees, saying, "I am deeply impressed by the passion with which Thailand is approaching the issue of road safety.

On behalf of TMC, I would like to express the company's gratitude at having the opportunity to help reduce the number of traffic accidents in Thailand by sharing our knowledge and expertise regarding road-safety education… Given that driving schools are fundamental to developing driving skills, I hope that by undergoing appropriate training, Thailand's new drivers will contribute to the development of a safer traffic environment."

With the increasing motorization of Thailand, traffic congestion and accidents have become major issues. In response to this, the Thai government began an effort to upgrade the state-run driving school by improving its safe-driving course. While upgrading the school, the Thai government requested TMC, together with Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT), TMC's sales and production company in Thailand, to provide knowledge and experience regarding safe-driving training. TMC responded and began sending "mobilitas" instructors to Thailand last year. This marks the first time "mobilitas" has provided direct support to a driving school outside Japan.

"mobilitas" plans to further enhance the curriculum by adding training in emergency braking and letting participants experience anti-lock brake systems (ABS). These enhancements are based on the "mobilitas" concept of training drivers in a safe environment where they can concentrate on learning the "limits of people, vehicles and the road infrastructure", thereby becoming defensive drivers.

TMC has supported the school in many other ways, such as providing information on Japan's driver-licensing system from the TMC-established Chubu Nippon Driver School*. TMC plans to continue supporting the Thai government in its traffic safety

initiatives through TMT.

TMC and its affiliates around the world have long engaged in diverse social contribution activities with a focus on the environment, human resource development and traffic safety. In Thailand, TMC holds contests aimed at addressing global warming, is involved in mangrove plantation projects, supports tertiary scholarships and vocational training schools, and conducts youth-focused road-safety campaigns.

*Based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The TMC-owned school has more than 50 years' experience in

safe-driving education.