Uk-built toyota avensis ready for export to japanese market

The Toyota Avensis, built exclusively at Toyota Motor Manufacturing United Kingdom (TMUK) in Derbyshire, UK, is to be exported to Japan.  The launch of the third-generation Avensis in Toyota’s “home” market later this year further strengthens the performance of the UK plant, which already ships the model to 47 countries worldwide. The news has been welcomed by the Government as an endorsement of British manufacturing skills and quality. UK Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "Toyota exports 85 per cent of the car and engines it makes at its UK plants in Burnaston and Deeside. Today's news that it will now export its Avensis model to Japan is a tribute to the skills of the workforce, the efficiency of the plants and the quality of its products. I was delighted to meet Fujio Cho, Chairman of Toyota when I visited Japan recently and I highlighted the importance of manufacturing in the UK."TMUK Managing Director Katsunori Kojima said: “We are very proud that the Avensis has been selected for export to Japan. This is yet another vote of confidence for TMUK and the high quality of our products.”Demand for European styling and engineering from its customers has prompted Toyota’s decision to introduce Avensis to the Japanese domestic market. The estate versions will be offered, powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine with Multidrive S continuously variable transmission (CVT) for fuel efficient, low emissions performance. The vehicles will be shipped from the UK at a rate of 750 vehicles a month with production commencing in July. The Toyota Avensis was introduced in 1997. By the end of 2010, more than 1.8 million Avensis vehicles had been built for sale in the UK, Europe and other markets worldwide. Together with Toyota’s European production centres, TMUK has succeeded in quickly returning to the production levels and operating hours that were in place prior to the Great East Japan Earthquake in March. The additional exports to Japan will reinforce its performance and its position as one of Toyota’s most efficient and advanced factories. The factory also builds the Toyota Auris with the distinction of being the first factory in Europe to mass produce a full hybrid model, the Auris full hybrid. To date, Toyota has invested over € 2.08 billion (£1.85 billion) in its manufacturing operations in the UK, since it was established in 1992.